Cloud Chasing, your guide to grow from newbie to pro

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Cloud Chasing, your guide to grow from newbie to pro

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A – Introduction

Are you vaping for more than a few months now? Well, most probably, you might want to enhance and power up your vape setups. Seriously, it is not so rigid as you may imagine, especially if you already know the basics of vaping.

The Saudi vape community has become more sophisticated in terms of adapting to advanced vaping techniques and tricks. Besides, most beginners and intermediate vapers are now turning experts in vaping. Often beginners and experienced vapers want to explore the advanced vaping setups and vape gears.

Riyadh vape stores are growing in numbers to meet the rapidly-growing demand for vape kits and accessories. Nevertheless, only a few websites talk about expert vaping. Being one of the top Saudi vape dealers makes us want to enlighten our Riyadh vape community with the much-needed information regarding pro-level vaping.

On this page, we will discuss the most crucial topics of expert-level vaping. We will explore the ways to vape like a pro. Besides, we will discuss the best vape accessories and vape tools that expert vapers from worldwide keep in their vape gear.


B – Pro-level vape gear – Riyadh vape experts

Expert vapers are the ones that enjoy the ultimate bliss of vaping. It is because they equip themselves with the optimal vape gear that suits their preferences and lifestyle. Besides, some accessories in their vape gear make it easier for them to tune in to the perfect vape setup. Let’s explore more.


I – DNA & Dicodes vape mods  – Vape mods that experts love

Have you heard of DNA mods or Dicodes mods? If so, have you wondered why these two mods are expensive than other vape mods? Well, despite the high-price, there are a few things that make it so attractive, and that’s why expert vapers and vintage vapers don’t mind spending that extra bucks on DNA vape mods and Dicodes mods.

DNA mods is the most popular choice of experts. However, it is not the only one. We believe the DNA chipset comes second after the German-made Dicodes chipset, which is more expensive and higher-end. DANI mini and DANI SBS mods are a couple of Dicodes chipset worth a try.

Many vape kits come with VW & TC options, but DNA mods are a tad accurate than their rivals. Not only that, the DNA mods’ electronic parts are designed to prevent electronics damage due to e-juice spills inside the mod. Besides, the DNA and Dicodes mod chipsets are highly accurate.

With DNA mods, you can change the settings to your preference using EScribe software. That allowed experts to tune in the settings and put all software controls and options handy by using difference themes and layouts that DNA chipsets offer.

Most expert vapers tend to build their coils and then need to double check their work, and we speak for ourselves when we say we find our selves using a DNA of such high end chipset mods to test our builds and check the stability of the coil resistance. We do belive in the accuracy and fidelity.

Two famouse variants of DNA chipsets are DNA75 and DNA250. DNA 75 chipset is powered by a single battery, while the DNA 250 chipset is powered by two or more high-drain batteries. If you are into intense vaping, go for DNA 250 C chipset, which is far more powerful and safer than most of the mods in the market and further more if offers high efficiency and power.


II – Expert tool kit – the survaival tools for vapors

Expert vapers always make sure their vape devices are tidy and safe. You could never see an expert vaper without a cleaning kit in his/her vape gear. Poorly maintained vape devices can be dangerous sometimes and may lead to E-juice leakage on other vaping devices and damage the electronics for example. Likewise, it may affect your vape device’s performance negatively overtime. Also, regular checking of the coil resistance is a good safety measure. A wrong wattage and coil-resistance combination may lead to poor performance or accidents this is particularly important for Mechanical mods users.

On the other hand, properly cleaned and maintained vape devices and accessories deliver the best performance at all the time. That’s how vintage vapers achieve the best results without compromising their vape kits’ durability and safety.


III – Expert vape gear checklist

The above list is primarily for the maintenance of the vape kit and to ensure user can always get the best performance of the vape devices. You can add more items as per your needs and convenience.


Cloud Chasing, your guide to grow from newbie to pro


Pro-level cloud-chasing –  Saudi vape experts

Most beginners and intermediate vapers out there make their way to expert-level vaping by trying to chase clouds. Frankly, cloud-chasing is one of the most loved vape styles. Beginners chase clouds, so are experts, but how do expert vapers make it massive and exciting?

Using the right combination of vaping mod, atomizer, and e-juice is the right way to achieve a cloudy vape session, and Saudi vape experts know it well. A powerful mod with a low-resistance coil can produce massive clouds quickly.

E-liquids: High-VG e-liquids are the best choice for cloud-chasing. However, High-VG vape juices tend to be thicker, and your vape device should be able to produce high-temperature to burn thick e-juices. Since High VG juices are thicker, expert vapers prefer RDAs(rebuildable dripping atomizers) to drip the e-juice directly on the coil and the cotton.

Low-res coils: If you are using a high-res coil, you need mighty mods with ultra high voltage features that could generate more temperature to heat the coil swiftly. In the case of low-res coils, you can heat the element vastly quickly with a low wattage setup using a compact or mini-mod. However, in anycase we must stress the fact that using a high-drain – (at least 20amp CDR) – battery is essential for performance and safety  to avoid battery overload, leading to chipset damages.


I – The right combination

Imagine you have a vape pen that fires a 1.2ohm coil at a low temperature. (Tuning to the highest wattage in any device is not advisable) That said, you could only try firing your coil in a mid-wattage setup. In such a vape setup, the e-juice gets vaporized at a slower pace. As a result, you might not get the clouds that you desire. Clearly, the said configuration is just not for cloud-chasing.

Think about a mod with variable wattage and temperature control setup. You can fire your coil using high-wattage, and the juice gets vaporized in a blink. If you use a low-res coil in such a vape setup, you can produce huge clouds, and you can enjoy cloud-chasing to the core.

Understand that high wattage or high power is not enough to produce more vapor. It would be best to have a low-res coil and a high-VG e-liquid to achieve the best clouds. However, using a VW mod with TC controls make it smoother and more controlable.


II – Significance of Airflow settings

Many people don’t even bother adjusting the airflow when they vape, but it’s not the same with expert cloud-chasers. Vintage vapers know the trick of producing massive clouds even with your old vape kit just by changing the airflow settings (sometimes bypassing the airflow control to wide open!).

Tight airflow: When you buy a vape tank, make sure it has good airflow slots and adjustable airflow settings. When you use a vape tank with tight airflow, you will never produce much vapor. Usually this kind of airflow appeals to MTL and RDL users. Remember, a narrow airflow setting is suitable for flavor production and mouth-to-lung vaping. Tight airflow means less air entering the tank, and you will inhale a thick and flavorful vapor.

High airflow: Vape tanks with high airflow can be the best choice for chasing clouds. You can increase or decrease the air intake using adjustable airflow settings. High airflow paired with high-VG e-juice is the perfect setup for cloud-chasing.

A simple trick: Unlike cigarette smoke, vapor gets evaporated quickly. Likewise, if you inhale the vapor slowly, your esophagus will absorb most of the vapor, and you will exhale only a little or no vapor out.  It would be best if you were fast when you inhale and exhale. That’s one simple trick you need to repeat when chasing clouds.


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