Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods: The Expert User Guide

the expert user guide2

Mechanical Mods: The Expert User Guide

the expert user guide2



Mechanical Mods are vape devices that utilize the natural flow of power from the battery to generate powerful performance and top notch flavor production. They differ in usage based on the number of batteries they house and how are these batteries linked together (i.e. single battery, series, parallel and para-series). However, they all follow the simple ohm’s law rule which relates resistance, voltage and current via the famous equation (V=IR). In this article we will explain the general professional guidelines into using mechanical mods and we will break down Ohm’s Law equation and explain how to utilize it correctly for each different type of mechanical mods.

General Rules

Let’s first list all the general rules that must be followed when using any mechanical mod:

  1. Know to rebuild: User must be able to use rebuildable tanks (e.g., RDA, RDTA, RTA), and check the work on a regulated device first to confirm ohm stability and normal operation.

The following is a break down of steps to follow:

  1. Install your selected high-end coils.
  2. Pulse the coils on quarter the wattage you would normally vape that coil at. For example: if you are using a coil that usually requires 100 watts, then pulsing the coils would be on 25 watts only.
  3. Make sure to remove all hot spots when pulsing. Coil heat distribution must be even from the center out.
  4. Wick the coils (i.e., install cotton and juice it up!)
  5. Double check the resistance stability (vape on it using a regulated device)

  1. Install the Atomizer on the mechanical mod before installing the batteries
  2. Prepare to install the batteries safely every time: you never know when your batteries got an external scratch that might put you at risk of shorting out. So always inspect the outer wrap of your batteries every time before installing them.
  3. Inspect the fire button for normal operation and clean contacts.
  4. Now you are ready. Enjoy the experience and keep your mechanical mods at home away from overheating, (e.g direct sunlight), and also away from any person who is not professional mech user.

the expert user guide1

Ohm’s Law:

It is important to know exactly how low in coils resistance we can go, so that as mechanical mods user are able to generate the most satisfying experience out of mechanical mods while staying safe. Ohm’s law allows to easily calculate the minimum resistance we are able to build (the resistance value you should not cross below!).

Ohm’s Law relates voltage, resistance and current via: Voltage = Current x Resistance. 0r simply V=RxI. In this equation we will calculate for Resistance while the other varuables are known.  So the equation will be R= V / I .Now lets know what each value should be depending on the type of mech mod besing used.

  • Single Battery Tube:

Voltage= 4.2 v                Current= CDR* of Battery (e.g. 35 AMP using Samsung 30T)

R= 4.2 v / 35 amp = 0.12 ohm

  • Series Battery Tube (two batteries):

Voltage= 8.4 v                Current= CDR* of Battery (e.g. 35 AMP using Samsung 30T)

R= 8.4 v / 35 amp = 0.24 ohm

  • Parallel Battery Box-Mod (two batteries):

Voltage= 4.2 v                Current= 2xCDR* of Battery (e.g. 2×35 AMP using Samsung 30T)

R= 4.2 v / 70 amp = 0.06 ohm

  • Para-Series Box-Mod (four batteries):

Voltage= 8.4 v                Current= 2xCDR* of Battery (e.g. 2×35 AMP using Samsung 30T)

R= 8.4 v / 70 amp = 0.12 ohm

The calculated resistance above is a resistance value that sets the minimum resistance value allowed. You can always build your coils above that resistance.

Note that all previous examples are calculated using the assumption of using Samsung 21700 30T battery. The CDR current value, (i.e. continuous discharge rating), depends on the battery being used. The able below lists some common battery CDR ratings.

Battery Name

Continuous Discharge Ratting (CDR*)

Samsung 30T, 21700

35 AMP

Samsung 40T, 21700

30 AMP

Samsung S20, 18650

30 AMP

SONY VTC5A, 18650

25 AMP

Efest 20700, 3100 mAh

30 AMP

Efest 18650, 3000 mAh

20 AMP


Don’t use on mechanical mods.­­

Simplifying Ohm’s Law:

Dukhan experts will simplify things for beginners and give you two general rules about Ohm’s Law. So that you never need to calculated Ohm’s law again. First, always use Samsung 30T or 40T 21700 batteries. Second, build your coils with resistance above: 0.12 ohm. This applies to both single battery tubes and parallel box-mods. However for series tubes and para-series box-mods just remember the magic series resistance: 0.4 ohm.

That was simple, isn’t?

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