Mechanical Mods

All you need to know about the types of vape mechanical mods and ways to use them in 4 points

all you need to know about the types of mechanical vape mods and ways to use them in 4 points 2
all you need to know about the types of mechanical vape mods and ways to use them in 4 points 2

Introduction: Mechanical Mods

Recently pod systems flooded vape markets. They started spreading like a pandemic. However, you may still find a lot of advanced users still developing and using their vicious mechanical mods arsenal despite the market change.

Mechanical mods may seem attractive to vapors for two reasons. For a start, mechanical mods look generally incredibly attractive and well-made pieces of art. The looks appeal to users due to comfortable grip and powerful appearance. The second reason maybe the fact that mechanical mods users are usually advanced users. Hence, the ability to handle mechanical mods safely is interpreted as having high level of proficiency in vaping generally.

In fact, the term professional vaper may sound cooky and puts vape at a level of a science course while it is very much simpler. The good news is that if you just got into vaping and you read this article patiently, you will end up with all the necessary knowledge to beat those “pro-vapers” out there. In this article we will discuss the definition of mechanical mods, their types, why and how to use them. And how to handle mechanical devices safely and get to know what you need to know in terms of vape safety generally.


What is a Mechanical Mod?

Mechanical mods are high performance mods that share the following characteristics:

  • Does not contain electronics to regulate the energy emitted by the battery, the resistance of the coils or the heating element determines the amount of power withdrawal according to the Ohm’s law.
  • Fire button relies on a mechanical mod methods, (i.e. spring or magnet), to complete the electrical circuit between the battery and atomizer.


Why to Use a Mech. Mod?

Mechanical mods users believe that the flavor resulting from the use of such devices is exceptional and unmatched compared to the vape and flavor quality resulting from regulated devices and pod systems. Indeed, Dukhan Store also agrees with this opinion. But this is not the only pleasure, as each user can also employ their personal taste and creative minds by customizing a combination of vape gear to result in a unique setup that suits individually and help expressing how unique they are. Every change in the composition of mechanical devices directly affects performance, the user can combine a unique blend of high-end coils, atomizer, drip-tip and batteries to come up with a unique experience.  This description may be poetic, but it is also realistic!



all you need to know about the types of mechanical vape mods and ways to use them in 4 points


What Types of Mechanical Mods are there?

Mechanical mods differ depending on how many batteries they host and how they are linked together. We can name four different types of mechanical mods. They are as follows:

  • Single Battery Tube: as the name suggests it uses single battery resulting in a constant voltage (4.2 Volt) and a current equivalent to the continuous discharge ratting or (CDR) of the battery being used. (E.g. 20A using Efest 18650, 3000mah battery). This is the most commonly used type due to its compact size.


  • Series Mech Mod: It is a mod that hosts two batteries linked together in series configuration resulting in double the voltage of one battery, (4.2 V x2), and the same current of a single battery. This type needs higher resistance usually above 0.35 ohm and produces warmer and more dense clouds. Thinking about cloud chasing? This could be your go to!


  • Parallel Mech Mod: is a mod that hosts two batteries linked together in parallel configuration resulting in double the current but keeping the same voltage at 4.2 Volt. Notice that parallel mech mods produce much higher current than single battery and series mechanical mods. Having that extra Amps allows users to go down with resistance as they please. This enabled the use of massive and complex coils to be used. Allowing more room for coil builders to play and test their crazy builds.


  • Para-Series Mech Mod: is a mechanical box mod that hosts three or more batteries. Combining the benefits of both parallel and series mechanical mods in one. This allowed both warmer and more vicious clouds to be produced while allowing to go down with coils resistance – if the user fantasies the need to do so-. This type of mods we recommend only for the hardcore mechanical mods expert who experienced all the previously mentioned mech-mods categories.


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