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Flatwire UK – Flat Sixty (HW6015) Roll


FLAT-SIXTY by FlatwireUK Our uniquely drawn flattened wire provides users with unbeatable surface area…

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FLAT-SIXTY by FlatwireUK

Our uniquely drawn flattened wire provides users with unbeatable surface area and an improvement in flavor.
A full and in-depth knowledge of ohms’ law and battery safety is required before using any of FlatwireUK products.
Flatten the competition with the original flatwireUK – often imitated, never beaten.
We source the cleanest and most widely used wire types then we double their surface area as they are custom drawn and loaded onto our new 10ft reels.
We pride ourselves on affordability and customer satisfaction.
HW6015 is 62% Nickel and 14% Chromium and the balance is made up of SS and Ti
flatwireUK flattening the competition.
Gauge Options:
19 FWG, 20 FWG, 21 FWG, 22 FWG, 24 FWG

Warning To Consumer:

Rebuildable atomizers are intended for advanced users, rebuildable atomizers should NOT be used with anything other than IMR batteries and are NOT intended for users who have no multi-meter nor knowledge of how to use a meter. Rebuildable atomizers cannot safely be used by inexperienced users or users who do not have basic knowledge of electronics.

  1. Wicks and coils MUST be tested before use, if not tested they could harm the user.
  2. Rebuildable Atomizers are intended to be used on Mechanical Mods by advanced users only.
  3. Rebuildable Atomizers WILL destroy electronic devices if coils and wicks are not built correctly.

To master advanced vape topics you may refer to DukhanStore Blog for many useful articles.



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24G, 25G

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