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District F5VE- CSMNT | Cosmonaut Shawty 24mm Cap


اختار منها اللون الذي يتماشى مع لون جهازك و امتلك “ست اب” الأحلام

Orion's Belt (Blue)UGC 1810 (Rose Gold)
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District F5ve has just made it easier for you to accessorize and personalize!


  • Material: Aluminum (Red)
  • Size: 24MM x 19MM
  • Fitment: CSMNT
  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Black, Solar Flare (Orange), Proxima Centuri (Red), Rocket Bunny (Purple), Star Road (Graphite), Military Satellite (Green), Orion’s Belt (Blue), UGC 1810 (Rose Gold), Gold Mirror (Gold)

Gold Mirror (Gold), Military Satellite (Green), Orion’s Belt (Blue), PURPUL, Stainless Steel, UGC 1810 (Rose Gold)

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