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Candy Mods – Mech Mod Single 21700 + 2×810 drip tips


⚡صناعة روسية

⚡براس + أكريليك مصقول

⚡يدعم بطاريات ٢١٧٠٠

⚡خاصية التوصيل المستمر

⚡يدعم دربر حتى مقاس ٢٨ ملم

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Technical Characteristics

Each candy mod come once at a life time!

mechanical mod, single 21700: case material acrylic and brass, contact group constant contact, use one 21700 batteries, insert the battery – to the atomizer + to the button

Max Atty diameter 25mm

Included: two matching 810 drip tips

For advanced user / Mechanical Mods Experts use only 



Note1: photos does no justice to the actual beauty of each mod.

Note2: Limited time discount is applied as seen


Beach, Bloody Red, Bule-Purple, DS Special, Flame, Molten Ink, Reptile, Rose, The Angry Dude, The Clown, Total Blue

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