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Smoant S8 Cartridge 2ml


بودات مخصصة لجهاز سمونت إس ٨

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Product Introduction

The Smoant S8 Cartridge is designed for S8 Pod Kit. It comes with 2ml juice capacity and 1.3ohm coil resistance. 1 piece each pack. It is refillable too.

Smoant S8 Cartridge 2Ml 2Specification 98405F


Juice Capacity: 2.0ml
Coil Resistance: 1.3ohm

Smoant S8 Cartridge 2Ml

Smoant S8 Cartridge 2Ml 4Packing 160Df7

It comes with

  • 1 x Smoant S8 Cartridge 2ml

Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.
Smoant S8 Cartridge 2Ml 5Ordertips 4010Fe

Smoant S8 Cartridge 2Ml


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