How to select the best of E-Liquid?


Common Questions: What is the best vape juice for me?

The term ‘best’ may vary from person to person. Some people might love delicious flavors, some may like plain nicotine, and others may love high vapor production. Choosing the best vape juice does half of the trick, and the rest depends on the vape settings.


Low VG vape juices

Typically, these e-juices come with less than 50% VG. Low-VG vape liquids are ideal for flavor production. Propylene glycol(PG) and flavonoids are the ingredients responsible for flavor production. However, low VG e-liquids tend to deliver harsh throat hits, which may not be pleasant for some vapers. At the same time, this type of e-liquids produces very little vapor and can be an optimal choice for stealth vapers.


50:50 VG vape juices

This type of vape juices is ideal for an average vaper who prefers a perfect mix of vapor production and flavor production. 50% VG mix can deliver a decent vapor production and moderately intense flavors too.


High VG e-liquids

High VG vape juices are the most in-demand type in the market. Most vapers, except stealth vapers, love cloud chasing and go for high-VG e-juices. Likewise, high VG e-liquids deliver a soft throat hit, which won’t be irritating even if you vape all day.


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