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Victorinox – Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020


The Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020 is a popular souvenir and the perfect gift and…

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The Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020 is a popular souvenir and the perfect gift and collector’s item.

This pocket knife is available in a limited edition and with its special and unique design is a homage to everything that is typically Swiss. Fine chocolate, delicious tasting cheese, snow-covered Alps, precise Swiss watches and the original Swiss Army Knife – all these hand-drawn symbols are masterfully printed on the shells of this special edition. Not only the extraordinary retro design is excellent, but also the 19 functions, including the magnifying glass, are decisive factors for buying this pocket knife. The Explorer Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2020 is a true universal tool and a faithful companion.

  • A Special Edition – dedicated to Switzerland
  • Explorer includes magnifying glass
  • The perfect gift – for a small piece of Switzerland in your pocket


1. large blade
2. small blade
3. corkscrew
4. can opener with
5. – small screwdriver
6. bottle opener with
7. – Screwdriver
8 – Wire stripper
9. pierce-drill-suture
10. ring
11. tweezers
12. toothpick
13. scissors
14. multipurpose hook
15. phillips screwdriver
16. magnifying glass
17. retractable ballpoint pen
18. pin, inox
19. mini screwdriver


  • length: 91mm
  • width: 26.50mm
  • height: 22mm
  • weight: 102g
  • Packaging: gift box
  • Limited edition, incl. certificate
  • Made in Switzerland


The Victorinox AG warranty extends for an unlimited period of time to any material or manufacturing defect (except for electronics
2 years). Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or improper use is not covered by the warranty.

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