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SunBox – Zero Nega 2 Blade Edition – 60W (Dicodes)


أحد افخم أجهزة السايد تو سايد, صناعة ايطالية. بأصدار محدود جدا باللون الأسود, شريحة ديكودز ألمانية

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Beautiful, light and of highest quality!

The Zero Nega 2 Blade Edition from SunBox convinces by its very light weight, ergonomics and compactness with innovation and design. SunBox developed with the Zero Nega 2 a light side-by-side regulated mod, which delivers an outstanding comfort and a beautful design. But not only the design is convincing, but also the technology and the workmanship.

The body of this version of the Zero Nega 2 Blade Edition is 3D printed (Nylon PA12) and can be exchanged if yo like. This also applies to the built-in anodized aluminum base and tube. The built-in technology in the Zero Nega 2 is the outstanding Extreme V3 chip by Dicodes. Dicodes is very well established on the market and the boards are of exceptional quality (made in Germany). SunBox meets Dicodes – design and quality united!


  • Zero Nega 2 Blade Edition – 18650


  •     Dicodes Extreme V3 Board
  •     Weight: 80gr
  •     5 to 60W with one battery (18650 or 18500 – not included)
  •     Atomizer catch up hole up to dia 24mm
  •     Adjustable 510 connection 24k gold plated
  •     Adjustable battery charge level 2.5-3V
  •     Up to 12V output voltage
  •     Up to 20A output current
  •     Temperature control mode with different wires
  •     Mechanical mod mode (electronic overload protection)
  •     10 power boost modes
  •     10 heater protection modes
  •     Resistance range 0.05 to 5 Ohm
  •     Resistance range at 60W: 0.17 to 2.1 Ohm
  •     reverse battery protection
  •     Very easy to use menu navigation
  •     Individual selection of user settings


  •     Body: Nylon PA12
  •     Tube and Base: black anodized aluminum
  •     Board: Dicodes Extreme V3
  •     Contacts: gold plated
  •     Insulators: Peek

Important note: If you are using the Zero Negra 2 Box Blade Edition with the SQuape N[duro], we strongly recommend that you place the included O-ring on the 510 connector of the battery carrier. This creates an increased resistance to turning the tank of the SQuape N[duro] and prevents a too strong pressure on the center pin of the Zero Negra 2.

Scope of delivery:

1 x Zero Nega 2 Blade Edition – 60W (Dicodes) by SunBox incl. instruction manual

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