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M.Terk – Terkish Maize (120ML) 3mg


  Terkish Maize Fun fact, Maize is a British term for a cereal plant…

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Terkish Maize

Fun fact, Maize is a British term for a cereal plant that has grains that grow inside a cob just like corn if you didn’t know that already. This corn flake flavor has a sweet surprise for you and it’s handed to you by the heavens.

Delightful hints of butterscotch drenched right into the corn flake with no signs of milk.

I know we’re all guilty of eating cereal like a thing of chips and this is the definite replica of that moment.

On the inhale you’ll get a burst of succulent butterscotch seeping onto your tongue showering it in sweet sugary harmony.

As you exhale the tones of corn flakes will sneak up on you giving the toasty notes of the crunchy snacks with hints of sugar and rich corn.

Together it makes a delicious sensation that you will fall in love with in no time.

M. Terk is by far the best company when it comes to acing the butterscotch flavors, not even mentioning their gorgeous mixtures with butterscotch.

If you want something sweet without the invasion of cream then this vape juice is your soulmate

DISCLAIMER: must be 21 years or older for purchase

Nicotine Level3mg
Nicotine TypeBase Nic.


** Designed FOR SUBOHM USE. Do use it with Sub-ohm atomizers or normal regulated devices. ** We recommend this liquid to be used in vape pod system which support DL (direct lung hit mode)

Made in: USA

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