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WICKID – اداة لف الكويلات الأحترافية


اداة لف الكويلات من ويكيد – يمكن تثبيتها بجهاز دوار او دريل و أيضا استخدامها باليد

مشاركة هذا المنتج:

The WICKID WRAPPER is a tool designed to wrap coils cleanly and effortlessly. It can be used to wrap both, manually (by hand) or it can be attached to any drill (preferably cordless). Will wrap coil sizes 2.5mm and 3mm ID. Available in two color options and two wrap styles.

(1) Orange Body – Black Clamp

(2) Black Body – Orange Clamp

Wrap Style:

(1) Straight Leads

(2) Bent Leads

Please choose carefully the correct options for your preferred style of wrapping before placing order


Black body | Orange clamp, Orange body | Black clamp


Bent Leads, Straight Leads

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