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Vicious ANT – Scylla Spare Glass


زجاج بديل مخصص لتانك سكايلا

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The Scylla GLASS available in two versions: short and tall (select from options)

PMMA glass

Instructions for opening the tank:

The non-slip bottom ring is independent of the tank, it turns only and allows to unscrew the tank from the deck.
To do this, you must do a quarter-turn clockwise with the PMMA tank, then unscrew (anti-clockwise) the non-slip ring from the bottom of the atomizer to release the tank and access the deck.

If you do not make a quarter turn then the tank is locked

If you unscrew the tank + non-slip ring assembly then the tank remains locked since you are doing a quarter-turn counterclockwise at the same time which again locks the tank.

Summary to access the deck: quarter-turn clockwise with the PMMA tank + counterclockwise unscrewing with the non-slip ring at the bottom.


Short 2mm, Tall 4mm

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