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SQuape® – X[dripper] RDA full set


High performance dripping ATOMIZER made fully in Switzerland.

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The first dripper from StattQualm! The SQuape X[dripper] is completely compatible with the SQuape X[dream], X[s] and X[nano]. 100% Swiss Made

The SQuape X[dripper] is characterized by its excellent flavor development as well as its very simple and user-friendly handling:
– The deck XDr offers an enormous amount of space and has been specially adapted to the needs of dripping / dripping. The deck can be used as a Single- as well as DualCoil.
– The AFC is completely open draw and can be flexibly adjusted up to MTL. On the back of the AFC are two holes with 1.6mm and 2mm diameter.
– The SQuip Tip XDr is made of Delrin and is an absolute lip-smacker. You can use this mouthpiece itself as a mouthpiece receiver, or remove it and use your own 510 mouthpiece on the TopCap.
– The TopCap has notches at the top – these ensure a comfortable temperature, even at high output.
– The 3-mode lock of the SQuape X[dream] and X[s] has been changed to a 2-mode lock on the TopCap. This allows you to lock the TopCap completely.
– Easy dripping either through the mouthpiece or through the quickly removable TopCap
– The vaporizer chamber produces a distinctly clear and excellent taste.

You can very easily convert the dripper into a fully functional SQuape X[dream], X[s] or X[nano]. All you need is a tank from the X series, an AFC ring, closing ring and a deck X or SC. Even easier is the conversion of a SQuape X tank vaporizer into a SQuape X[dripper]. All you need is the SQuape X[dripper] Convertible Set and you can use the SQuape X as a full-fledged dripper.

The SQuape X[dripper] mainly consists of the following components:
– SQuape X[dripper] TopCap X
– SQuip Tip XDr
– AFC Ring XDr
– Deck XDr
– SQuape X Base

Included in the set:
– 1 x SQuape X[dripper] completely assembled
– 1 x Replacement Set X (also usable for the SQuape X tank vaporizers)
– 1 x slotted screwdriver

Stainless steel: 1.4404 (316L)
Deck: Aluminum enamel
Pins: Ecobrass gold plated
SQuipTip: Delrin

Height incl. SQuipTip XDr: 40mm
Height without SQuipTip XDr: 29mm
Diameter: 22mm
Weight: 50.5gr
SQuipTip Bore: 8,5mm

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