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SQuape – A[rise] Air Disc


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With the MTL Air Discs for the SQuape A[rise] you reduce the air flow directly at the coil. We offer 6 different Air Discs. Choose your desired size and experience a wonderful MTL delight with the SQuape A[rise].

To further refine the MTL (mouth to lung) experience, we recommend the chimney reducer as an additional component for converting the SQuape A[rise] to MTL.

Please choose between the following versions:

  • 1×0.8mm
  • 1x1mm
  • 2×0.8mm
  • 3×0.8mm
  • 4×0.8mm
  • 5×0.8mm

The Air Discs 1x1mm, 2×0.8mm, 3×0.8mm and 4×0.8mm are already included in the standard set of the SQuape A[rise].

Material: PEEK

Delivery: 1 x MTL Air Disc according to your choice


1×0.8mm, 5×0.8mm

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