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سامسونج – بطاريات مقاس ٢١٧٠٠ – ٤٠ تي


اختيار دخان الأفضل للميكانيك على ال توازي أو التوالي.

4000mah ~ 30AMP CDR

(السعر الموضح للبطارية الواحدة)

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Bottom Line 
This is another retest to check on the performance of this cell as it, hopefully, comes into full production soon.

This cell outperforms every 18650 and 20700 in regulated devices at up to about 20A-25A (60W-75W). Only the Samsung 30T hits harder for 21700’s. In my opinion though it is not a 35A battery, as rated in the datasheet.

At 35A continuous this cell reaches almost 90°C. That is too hot to ensure decent cycle life. A rating of 25A continuous brings it to about the same temperature that the Samsung 30T reaches at its rating.

At above 20A-25A (60W-75W) the Samsung 30T is the better performer anyway. The 40T is best at low to mid power levels where it can be the most efficient. The 40T is still an amazing 25A battery though!

If you are running your mod at 60W-75W per battery you will have to try both the 30T and 40T to see which performs better for the way you vape. It’s just not possible to predict.

The two cells I tested delivered 4048mAh and 4062mAh at 0.8A (0.2C) down to 2.5V.

I am estimating this cell’s ratings to be 25A with a temperature-limited rating of 35A (if kept below 80°C) and 4000mAh.

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