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Ruthless Salts – قريب درانك – 50مج


نكهة صنعت ببراعة الأعطء إحساس مشروب العنب الغازي مع حلاوة طرية مستوحاة من حلوى العنب.

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Any vape enthusiast with fond memories of drinking grape soda will fall in love with Grape Drank from the first hit. Grape Drank masterfully infuses the carbonated sensation of grape soda with the soft sweetness of grape candy.

Grape flavor enthusiasts have called this the best grape flavor in the market. The nicotine salt version retains the smooth and flavorful qualities found in the regular e-juice. Our mixologists have worked relentlessly to make sure that we retain the flavorful punch without losing the ultra smooth throat hit. We are proud to present you our new nicotine salt juice designed for low wattage devices. Simple yet Flavorful, Grape Drank Y’all!

Be forewarned, some users have reported what some may call grape overload.

Flavor Profile: Grape Soda & Grape Candy

Ratio: 60 VG / 40 PG

Nicotine Level: 50 MG

Sizes: 30 ML

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