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Haar RTA 22mm (4ML)


Van & Del are experienced modders from Croatia and have brought Todd’s Reviews (Mark…

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Van & Del are experienced modders from Croatia and have brought Todd’s Reviews (Mark Todd – MT Essentials) on board for this project – The Haar RTA. Todd is one of the best known reviewers from the UK and has a lot of experience especially in the field of high quality products.

The name for the Haar RTA comes from a sea fog that appears on the east coast of Scotland (Todd’s home and distinctive accent). The symbol of this sea fog has been beautifully engraved on the tank and the AFC ring and especially with the AFC this is beneficial for grip.

The airflow is versatile and has a spectrum from slightly restrictive DL (direct lung) to a slightly open MTL (mouth to lung). It is not open like a barn door, nor does it feel like pulling a golf ball through a garden hose – the airflow is right in between.


Top Filling
Liquid Control
Adjustable air flow DL-MTL
Materials with high heat resistance
The deck is accessible without having to empty the tank
DL- and MTL-DripTips included in the set
Allen key, spare o-rings and screws included
Mainly materials:

Stainless steel AISI 316L
O-rings: Viton
Insulators: Ketron-Peek
Top Cap insert: Black silicone (food safe)
Tank & Drip Tip: PC1000

height: 40 mm
diameter: 22 mm
Liquid volume: 4ml
Filling method: Filling from the top (TopFill)
Airflow: Double sided
Air hole sizes (selectable): 1 x 1.6 mm/1 x 1.4 mm/1 x 1.2 mm
Large Drip Tip: inner hole 6 mm – height 7.6 mm
MTL Drip Tip: inner hole 3.5 mm – height 9.6 mm
depth of the deck: 5,7 mm
Grub screws: |
510: SS M3.0 thread
O-ring AFC: 2 x 18*16*1
O-ring tank section: 2 x 20*18*1
O Lower top ring: 1 x 8*6*1
O Ring upper section: 1 x 9*7*1
O-Ring Drip Tip: 2 x 8*6*1
Top Cap insert: 2.0 mm silicone
Made in Hong Kong

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