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CV – Grape (30ML) 30mg ICE


مخصص لاجهزة سحبة السيجارة بطعم العنب الأزرق مع قطع الثلج الباردة الذي يذكرك بأيام الطفولة الماضية. الطعم بكل بساطة شبيه بحلى النردز وانواع عصير العنب التي أصبحت نادرة. معززة بلمحات خفيفة من الكشمش الأحمر.

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Provided for pod systems with Blue grape taste with ice cold cubes that get you back to your childhood memories. The taste can  simply remind you with nerds candy and grape juices that can not be found anymore. It comes also with hint of red currant taste.

  • No harsh throat hit
  • Delicious creamy blend
  • Rich Grape Candy flavor
  • Great cloud production

This liquid is Made in a 50VG 50PG blend to give you the smoothest Vape experience. Using 30mg/1000ml  premium salt nicotine for an exciting new Vape experience all together.


This E-Juice is the go to all year long.

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