Charlie’s Chalk – Campfire (60ML)

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نكهة المارشميلو المشوي و المحشي بين بسكويت جراهام، مع الشوكلاته والحليب



Campfire – Charlie’s Chalk Dust 60ml Review

Outdoors & Smores by Campfire E-Liquid 60ml is the flavor of a traditional nighttime treat with gooey fire roasted marshmallows and milk chocolate that is layerd and sandwiched between two graham crackers.

Thanks to Campfire E-Juice, you don’t have to wait until your next camping trip to enjoy your favorite campfire treat. Outdoors & Smores vape juice delivers that mouth-watering s’mores taste in liquid form. With each puff, your taste buds will be treated to that smoke-infused marshmallow taste that’s sandwiched between luscious milk chocolate and tasty graham crackers. Now, you can enjoy this yummy flavor every day without taking in a single calorie.

Campfire E-Juice’s Outdoors & Smores vape juice is guaranteed to transport you back to your favorite campfire memories. Nothing brings a group of friends together like the luscious taste of gooey s’mores. That’s why the brand has given us a vape juice that makes us feel like we are camping each time we take a puff. The layers of exquisite flavor satisfy the sweet tooth as well as the soul.

Manufactured by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Outdoors & Smores by Campfire E-Liquid 60ml provides a savory graham cracker on the inhale with a blend of chocolate and creamy marshmallow on the exhale. Incredibly smooth and enjoyable, it will remind you of sitting around a campfire with your friends eating the sweet dessert treat.

As you inhale Outdoors & Smores vape juice, creamy smoke-kissed marshmallow flavor will delight your taste buds on impact. Then, the smoothest and richest milk chocolate will wash over your tongue. On the exhale, sugary and buttery graham cracker cookie flavor will complete this tasty vape experience.

Outdoors & Smores vape juice comes in a 60ml unicorn bottle and is available in three nicotine strengths. Its 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG) base is ideal for blowing large and thick clouds of vapor while also experiencing a good throat hit.

Want to feel like you’re sitting next to a warm campfire each time you vape? Outdoors & Smores vape juice from Campfire E-Juice lets you experience the exquisite taste of a yummy s’more all day long.

Package Contents Include:

  • 1x 60ml unicorn bottle of Outdoors & Smores by Campfire E-Juice

VG/PG: 70/30

Flavor Profile: Graham Cracker, Milk Chocolate, Marshmallow

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