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Candy Mods – Stacked Mech Mod 21700 + 2×810 drip tips


⚡صناعة روسية

⚡براس + أكريليك مصقول

⚡يدعم بطاريات ٢١٧٠٠

⚡خاصية التوصيل المستمر

⚡يدعم دربر حتى مقاس ٢٥ ملم

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Technical Characteristics

Each candy mod come once at a life time!

mechanical mod 21700 stacked: case material acrylic and brass, contact group constant contact, use two 21700 batteries, insert the battery – to the atomizer + to the button

Max Atty diameter 25mm

Included: two matching 810 drip tips

For advanced user / Mechanical Mods Experts use only 

This device is a competition device and is not for beginners.  This device can be dangerous if used incorrectly.  Before purchasing this device be sure you understand how to safely use this device. For more information about using Mechanical Mods refer to Dukhan Blog where we reveal the expert guide for using mechanical mods


Note1: photos does no justice to the actual beauty of each mod. While the brass parts may need some extra polish as they don’t come perfectly clean from the factory. But that does not affect performance in anyway.

Note2: Limited time discount is applied as seen


1st one, ART, Auroraa, Blue See, cocktail, Coral Blue, Evening fusion., Garden, Green Bolt, Greenish, Hulk, Pinkpoo, pinky, purple midnight, Queen face, Royal Sea, The Joker, Thundr Night, tree, Turbulence, Turbulent Ocean

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