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Asvape – VULCAN Pod System


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Vulcan is a pen style pod system device, the only stainless steel pen pod in the world. Great texture and collection value. Laser seamless splicing, 720 degree round shape, comfortable grip. Typc-c interface and fast charging battery, 10-15 minutes full charging. Air switch, no need button, just vape and work. Simple operation, very friendly to people who want to quit smoking.

Vulcan Battery
Material: SS316
Battery: 350mAh
Size: 109x21x10mm
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 2A
Working Voltage: 3.2V

Please notice that this package only include 1* Vulcan Battery, please buy Vulcan Empty Pods to be able to start using the pod! 

ASVAPE was founded in 2016, devoted to research and development of fashion, avant-garde, cutting-edge electronic cigarette products and accessories, and has a series of fashion clothing, to provide the most personalized electronic cigarette products and matching for fashion fans around the world.

ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN

ASVAPE calls itself the first pioneer brand in the domestic electronic cigarette industry. It inherits the uncompromising VAPE gene, runs through the brand attitude of ANTI SOCIAL WAY and creates a number of electronic cigarette products with distinctive styles, including ALLIANCE, SPACE, KNIGHT, GUARDIAN, DEVIL and COLOSSEUM.

In 2019, ASVAPE developed trendy products with a new cutting edge, broke barriers, gave VAPE a dynamic definition, changed noun +fy into verb, combined the concept of VAPEFY with a variety of street and trend elements, and explored the infinite possibilities of multiculturalism. Let VAPE become another fashion footnote, and let young people come to the brand “never compromise” spirit.

From several electronic cigarette products launched in the past, ASVAPE is quite cool and trendy in design.



Bronze, Stainless Steel

KIT or Battery only

KIT (Device+ 3xEmpty Pods}, Battery

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