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هيتا – كويلات مش (5 pcs)


كويلات جاهزة مخصصة لجهاز هيتا

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Coil is one of the HITA accessories ,it’s the the soul of the VAPE . Choosing the right coil according to your taste can help you quit smoking better.we offer two kinds of coil for you choosing,0.5Ω MESH coil and 1.0ΩMESH coil,More than tens of thousands tests on different kinds of juice to ensure our coil can keep the best flavor and long life.now each coil can last 4-6 times refilled keep good flavor,7-15 times refilled without burning,Of course, it depends on the sugar content of your juice.

reminder:The first time you use it,please stand a while (about 5 minutes) after filling with E-juice before use !

0.5Ω coil is mesh coil ,it’s better for half DTL,can use freebase and salt

1.0Ω coil is mesh coil ,it’s better for MTL ,only can use salt

HITA Coil 0.5ohm
  • Material: KTR
  • Coil type:MESH
  • BEST: 20-25W (auto detect)
HITA Coil 1.0ohm
  • Material: KTR
  • Coil type:MESH
  • BEST: 13-18W (auto detect)

Packing List:

  • 1 x HITA Coil 5pcs



٠.٥ آوم, 1.0 Ohm

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