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ماك وان – جهاز سكوانك ثنائي البطارية بقدرة 240 واط


واحدة من أكثر أجهزة السكوانك تميزا، بتصميم سكوانك بين بطاريتين 18650، و أحدث طراز لشريحة VO الأمريكية بقوة 240 واط، إقتني جهازك الكمية محدودة.

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MACH ON3 squonker has a patent pending design that accommodates dual 18650 batteries without compromising the shape and ergonomics of the device. The special hybrid-type squonk bottle holds up to 8ml of e-liquid, that is easily and effortlessly delivered, and controlled with a firym press on the bottle. Included with each MACH ON3 is the all-new MACH TWO RDA that is ready to produce flavorful clouds on demand. Powered by the all-new VO TECH 240W Chipset, the MACH ON3 is fully featured, with an industry leading response time, temperature control suit, and a beautiful and customizable user interface.


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